Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, PA

Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Letterkenny Army Depot is located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and is a command structure of the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command. Its facilities are used to conduct maintenance, modification, storage, and demilitarization operations on tactical missiles and ammunition.

Their mission is to create an environment which offers safety to both military and civilian personnel through their unique management systems.  Accordingly, it is the largest employer in Franklin County, Pennsylvania with over 3,600 employees on their 18,000-acre base which produces over $250,000,000 for the region each year.

The closest military bases to Letterkenny are New Cumberland Army Depot, Carlisle Barracks Army Base, and Vessel Document Center Coast Guard Base in West Virginia. All about 45 minutes from Letter Kenny.

The closest airport is Harrisburg International Airport, approximately one hour away. Amtrak provides routes from Harrisburg to New York City and Martinsburg, 45 minutes from Chambersburg to Chicago and Washington D.C.

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Coordinates40° 01' 05.16" N 77° 41' 29.04" W
CityChambersburg, PA 17201
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History of Letterkenny Army Depot

In 1941, Letterkenny was chosen to operate as an Ordnance Depot at the start of World War II due to its proximity to Washington D.C., its access to railways, and its resource able bodied Pennsylvanians. At first, the public protested the 21,000-acre facility, noting it would displace upwards of 1,000 farmers, but following the Attack on Pearl Harbor, support was overwhelming. Soon 798 underground igloos, 12 above-ground magazines and 17 warehouses were built, many of which were converted barns and chicken houses.

With more than three million tons of supplies moving through the depot, services from women, commandos, farmers, and even Italian prisoners of war were utilized seven days a week. In 1954, Letterkenny became a permanent military installment. During both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, Letterkenny was central to reconditioning artillery, combat vehicles and guided missiles. In the 1980’s and 1990’s Letterkenny focused on supply, maintenance and ammunition. In recent years, it received its first Combined Logistics Excellence Award for superior performance of duty in Depot Maintenance Excellence resulting in improved combat readiness.

Housing and Lodging at Letterkenny

Lodging is available at Letterkenny for those visiting military personnel.  For information regarding lodging on base, please call 717-605-2720.

The average price of a home near Letterkenny ranges from $190,000 to $225,000.

Housing allowances are provided to military personnel depending on their status. To see updated allowance rates, please click here.

For a composite list of Hotels near Letterkenny, many of which offer a military discount, click here.

Childcare and Schools

Letterkenny has an onsite childcare center for ages 6 weeks through Kindergarten aged children and are offered in both a full time and part time option.

Parents living near the Army Depot, if sending their children to public school, will likely have to select between Chambersburg Area School District and Greencastle Area School District. Both districts which contain a number of Blue Ribbon Schools and high graduation rates.

Moral, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR)

Letterkenny partners with Carlisle Barracks for their MWR department.

A current calendar of events can be accessed here.

Carlisle Barracks has in the past have offered trips through their MWR to destinations such as New York City, and Washington D.C.

Things to Do Nearby

Scenic Chambersburg, Pennsylvania is rich with beautiful state parks such as Caledonia State Park and a great deal of history. It is in close proximity to other historic sites such as Gettysburg National Battlefield where Lincoln gave his famous Address and is only two hours from the Washington D.C. which, among other things includes the White House, Ford’s Theater, and the World War II Memorial and is filled with some of the richest History in the United States.

The country’s most famous candy producer, Hershey and its famous Chocolate World and Theme Park as well as the National Civil War Museum and Antietam National Battlefield  are only an hour drive from the Army Depot.


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