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The Carlisle Barracks is a United States Army facility in Carlisle, PA on 22 Ashburn Dr that was built in May of 1757. Currently, the Barracks sit on 500 acres and host the U.S. Army War College. The Garrison Commander is Lieutenant Colonel Sally C. Hannan. For general information, you can call (717) 245-3700.

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The Carlisle Barracks is the second oldest active military post in the country and has hosted first U.S. President George Washington. Washington traveled to the Barracks during the tax protest known as the Whiskey Rebellion (1794) to oversee troops on post as he tried to subdue protesting farmers. During this time, the Carlisle Barracks were the epicenter of substantial military activity; currently, the Barracks are part of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command. Washington even proposed that the Carlisle Barracks be named an official site for a federal military school but the honor ultimately went to the state of New York where West Point U.S. Military Academy was established.

The United States government officially purchased 27 acres of the Carlisle Barracks for $664 in 1801--land that they had originally been renting from William Penn's descendants. In 1838, the School of Cavalry Practice was founded at the Barracks and at the inception of the Civil War, the Barracks became a central supplier of horses and ordnance stores.

The Carlisle Barracks have a rich and exciting history--in fact, on the same day as the Battle of Gettysburg, there was a Battle of Carlisle where a Confederate cavalry fought against Union troops and set the Carlisle Barracks on fire. The battle only lasted a day before the Confederates retreated and set off to fight in the Battle of Gettysburg (second day). There was no clear victor in the Battle of Carlisle.

In mid-April, 1871, the Carlisle Barracks became defunct as a supply depot for cavalry training and became open for new opportunities. In 1879, the Department of the Interior took over control of the Barracks from the War Department. In 1918, the army took up control of the Barracks and used the post to prepare troops and supplies for World War I. A general hospital was founded at the Carlisle Barracks and flourished as a treatment center for over 4,000 troops who came home from serving in the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF).

The Barracks were under threat of closure per the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC), but in 2005, it was decided that the Barracks would remain open and in 2006, the Carlisle Barracks began working on constructing new housing for servicemen and women. Some of the organizations located at the Carlisle Barracks include the Center for Strategic Leadership, the Strategic Studies Institute, the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute, and the Army Heritage and Education Center.

Housing & Lodging

The IHG Army Hotels office can be reached at (717) 245-4245. It is located on base at 36 Flower Rd.

The Carlisle Barracks Homes development can be reached at (717) 243-7177. This housing development offers move-in ready homes in standalone and townhouse styles.

There are also hotels in the area including but not limited to:

Residence Inn by Marriott Harrisburg Carlisle(717) 610-9050, on 1 Hampton Ct.

Motel 6(717) 249-7622, on 1153 Harrisburg Pike.

Comfort Suites Downtown Carlisle(717) 960-1000, on 10 S Hanover St.


There are no schools on post at the Carlisle Barracks; however, there are various schools in the surrounding area including seven elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The School Liaison Officer is Christine Cormier and can be contacted at (717) 245-4555. The Carlisle Area School District can be contacted at (717) 240-6800.

Financial Institutions

Navy Federal Credit Union(888) 842-6328 on 842 Sumner Rd.

Places of Interest

Ranked the number on thing to do in Carlisle, the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center is a military museum that provides a great educational experience as well as free admission. For general information: (717) 245-3972. The museum is located on 950 Soldiers Dr.

Visitors can also take themselves on self-guided tours of the Carlisle Barracks M-F from 9a-5p. Visitors must show a photo driver's license, car registration and proof of car insurance. Passengers will also need to show photo ID.

Moral, Wellfare & Recreation

For information about MWR at the Carlisle Barracks, visit


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