Camp Beauregard Army Base in Pineville, LA

Last Updated: Aug 8, 2017
Located in the heart of the South, the Camp Beauregard Army Base is a 12,500 acre installation operated by the Louisiana National Guard. The base’s main mission is to support all training of the Louisiana Army National Guard and the Department of Defense in military operations on both state and federal levels. Camp Beauregard also serves as an emergency center in times of crisis in Louisiana and across country.
The camp is a short drive from the city of Alexandria, situated on the bank of the Red River. The climate is rather warm, with average highs reaching a low of 60° F in the winter and a high of 95° F in the summer.
The Alexandria International Airport offers a limited domestic flights. The airport is primarily used for U.S. military purposes. The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, 200 miles southeast, offers many more flight options. The official base address is 403 F St, Pineville, La. 71360 and phone number is (310) 290-5600.
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Coordinates31° 22' 32.52" N 92° 23' 22.20" W
CityPineville, LA 71360
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In the late 1850s, the Louisiana Seminary of Learning and Military Academy was constructed on the grounds of the modern Camp Beauregard Army Base. The site was abandoned for decades following the Civil War. In the early 20th century, the U.S. Congress passed the “Dick Act”. The act gave federal funds to all state National Guard units in order to have them meet U.S. Army requirements. The Louisiana State Legislature used the funds to create the Louisiana State National Guard on the vacant grounds of the defunct base.
World War I brought activity to the base. The U.S. War Department announced the formation of a U.S. Army cantonment at Camp Beauregard. For over 15 months, more than 44,000 soldiers trained at the base before heading to Europe. Following the war, the camp resumed operations as a Louisiana National Guard training site.
During the Great Depression, the base took advantage of the emerging federal economic programs. The Citizens Military Training Corps, a yearly camp for men 18 to 24, taught basic citizenship and military skills. Major renovations, including new facilities and infrastructure, took place due to the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration.
As World War II emerged, the U.S. Army once again occupied Camp Beauregard. Due to its climate and environment, the camp was used to prepare soldiers of East Asian weather conditions. Camp Beauregard also participated in the Louisiana Maneuvers, a series of U.S. Army training exercises preparing soldiers for war conditions. Following the end of the war, federal occupation of the base ended and the camp was no longer used by the Louisiana National Guard.
In the early 1970s, Camp Beauregard was reactivated as a major National Guard training facility. The camp is currently the largest National Guard post in Louisiana. The camp’s facilities include firing ranges, vehicle training centers, urban assault course, and counter improvised explosive lanes. The base is home to the Youth Challenge Program, a program which aimed at helping troubled youth. The program helps teenagers gain personal responsibility, confidence, and leadership.

Current Activities / Units

The Esler Airfield is located on Camp Beauregard. Although not very active now, the airfield was used heavily during World War II for the Louisiana Maneuvers and B-25 Mitchell training. Camp Cook, home to the First NCOA Battalion, is also situated on base.

The 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and 225th Engineer Brigade are Louisiana National Guard units that operate at Camp Beauregard. Both units played a major role in the Global War on Terrorism and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Housing / MWR

There is no sponsored on or off base housing at Camp Beauregard. However, temporary lodging (for Department of Defense ID Card holders) is accessible! Multiple room plans are available. To make a reservation, call (318) 290-5669 or email "[email protected]".

The camp offers many fun activities and facilities. Pools, playgrounds, running tracks, bars, and a MWR facility are located on base. The official Camp Beauregard website has a complete list of options.


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