Warrenton Training Center Army Base in Alexandria, VA

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017

Warrenton Training Center (WTC) is a government communications complex in Virginia.  The Center is made up of four discrete locations in Faquier and Culpeper counties to ensure privacy of operations. The facility specializes in technological communication and officer training. Because of the base's mission privacy is a top concern. As a result, on-post facilities are limited and restricted to employees only.  While accommodations at the site are , there are several options not far outside the base for housing and recreation.

Quick Facts
Coordinates38° 44' 00.60" N 77° 49' 46.92" W
CityAlexandria, VA 20186
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Warrenton Training Center was established in 1951 amidst growing global tensions. WTC served as a part of the “Federal Relocation Arc” to support government continuity in case of nuclear attack on nearby DC. It was first designated a Department of Defense Communication Training Activity and was considered a communications training school. Since, the base's mission has shifted toward conducting actual communication practices.

The center has served the CIA for over six decades.  While for years the facility was administered by the Army, it was switched into the hands of the Department of Defense with the Army acting as executive on behalf of the National Communication System (NCS). In 2012, the NCS handed over its responsibilities to the Department of Defense and has ordered the center to provide communication for the federal government under “any circumstances.”

Current Mission

As previously mentioned, many of the WTC’s roles have been to work with the Central Intelligence Agency as a signal intelligence facility and communications laboratory.  However, the site also has significant involvement in other areas, including

  • The National Security Agency (NSA)
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of State
  • State’s Diplomatic Telecommunications Service


Spread across two counties with four individual sites, the center has an alphabetical coding system to organize its various locations:

  • Faquier
    • Station A: SW of Warrenton
    • Station B: NW of Warrenton
    • Station C: SE of Remington
  • Culpeper
    • Station D: NW of Lignum

Lodging and Travel to Warrenton Training Center


  • Baymont Inn & Suites (540-349-8900)
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Warrenton (540-341-3461)
  • Howard Johnson Inn Warrenton (540-347-4141)
  • Best Western Culpeper Inn (540-825-1253)
  • Sleepy Hollow Motel (540-825-8397)

There is no housing offered on base but if employed you may choose to live in one of several surrounding areas in Virginia, including Warrenton, The Plains, Remington, Culpeper. Bealeton, Midland, Nokesville, or Catlett.


Unfortunately, the base does not provide any family options on base.  But don’t worry-- military and families can seek recreation and other services outside the facilities.  There are several opportunities within thirty minutes from the site:


  • Rady Park
  • Eva Walker Park
  • Gold Mining Camp Museum
  • Vint Hill Farms Park
  • Vint Hill Village Green


  • Marshall Community Center
  • Vint Hill Village Green Community Center
  • Warrenton Community Center
  • Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility



  • Bradley Elementary School (Warrenton): 540-422-7510
  • Brumfield Elementary School (Warrenton): 540-422-7530
  • Coleman Elementary School (The Plains): 540-422-7550
  • Greensville Elementary School (Nokesville): 540-422-7570
  • Miller Elementary School (Bealeton): 540-422-7590
  • Pearson Elementary School (Catlett): 540-422-7610
  • Pierce Elementary School (Remington): 540-422-7630
  • Richie Elementary School (Warrenton): 540-422-7650
  • Smith Elementary School (Warrenton): 540-422-7670
  • Thompson Elementary School (Marshall): 540-422-7690
  • Walter Elementary School (Bealeton): 540-422-7710


  • Auburn Middle School (Warrenton): 540-422-7410
  • Cedar Lee Middle School (Bealeton): 540-422-7430
  • Marshall Middle School (The Plains): 540-422-7450
  • Taylor Middle School (Warrenton): 540-422-7470


  • Faquier High School (Warrenton): 540-422-7300
  • Kettle Run High School (Nokesville): 540-422-7330
  • Liberty High School (Bealeton): 540-422-7360


  • Southeastern Alternative Middle & High School (Midland): 540-422-7390



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