Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock, NC

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point is located in Cherry Point, North Carolina and is the world's largest base of its kind. When visiting Cherry Point, look for the famous "Pardon our noise, it's the sound of freedom" sign referring to the rumble of the jets overhead. Cherry Point's mission is aerial wartime and emergency readiness.


100 Roosevelt St Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533

phone numbers

Base Information: (252) 466-2811 Emergency Line: (252) 466-4364 Command Duty Officer: (252) 466-5236

Quick Facts
Coordinates34° 54' 09.16" N 76° 53' 15.53" W
CityHavelock, NC 28532
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Established in May 1942, MCAS Cherry Point was built on 8,000 acres encompassing farm and swampland. Congress set aside nearly $15 million to build the site and settled on Cherry Point due to the high amount of sunshine the area received. Although the area is susceptible to dangerous environmental events such as hurricanes and a large number of mosquitoes, the overall sunny weather provides excellent flight practice conditions.

Before becoming a Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, the site was named Cunningham Field after Lieutenant Colonel Alfred A. Cunningham, the Marine Corps' first pilot.

World War II

Just a few weeks after construction began, the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred; this event pushed crews to complete the site as quickly as possible to aid in wartime preparations. In mid May of 1942, Cunningham Field became U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.

During World War II, MCAS Cherry Point trained and prepped military personnel for battle in the Pacific. Cherry Point also provided special anti-submarine operations training; in 1943, this led to the Army Air Corps and Navy to jointly sink a German U-boat.

Korean War

During the Korean War, Cherry Point deployed airmen and maintenance crews to support the war effort. Cherry Point also provided support during the Vietnam War by deploying Grumman A-6 Intruder jets in addition to supplying a steady flow of replacement airmen when needed. MCAS Cherry Point was also a major player during Operations Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom by providing jet squadrons for both efforts.

Current Activity at MCAS Cherry Point

Today, Cherry Point remains a very active base. In addition to featuring a large runway that allows for multiple landings, MCAS Cherry Point is also known for the length of its runways; in fact, when NASA was still operating the space shuttle program, they used Cherry Point's runways for emergency landings because of their length. In 2015, the site allowed access to additional airspace for military, civil and commercial purposes.

Cherry Point also provides search and rescue missions and lends support for disaster relief and medical evacuations. There are approximately 53,000 people—including retired veterans, active duty personnel and their families—who make up MCAS Cherry Point's population.

Recreation & Entertainment

MCAS Cherry Point offers up rec and entertainment programs for servicemen and women and their families. Some of the things you can enjoy include movie nights, live music and plays, a fitness center, pools, a theater and a library.

There are also restaurants and food trucks on site as well as shopping options.


Is there a commissary?

Yes. The Cherry Point commissary is located at Roosevelt Blvd., E Street in building 3918. The store contact info is: (252) 466-0800/[email protected].

Is there lodging?

Yes. You can choose from the Cherry Point Inn (252-466-5169) or the Devil Dog Inn (252-466-3060), both of which are within a 10 minute drive from the base. Note that both locales operate independently of MCAS Cherry Point and both offer 24/7 front desk service.

What about housing at Cherry Point?

Yes, MCAS Cherry Point offers a few different housing options. For single Marines, there are barracks that are similar to dorm rooms; family housing at Cherry Point is privatized.

Questions can be directed to the Cherry Point Housing Office at: (252) 466-3602 or [email protected].

Where can I find employment opportunities?

This is a good place to start. You'll be able to upload documents like your resume and cover letters and fill out online applications.

You can contact the Human Resources Office at (252) 466-2301, Monday-Friday from 7:30a-3p.

When is the annual Air Show?

The date changes every year. You can contact the base for specifics at (252) 466-2811.

The 2018 Air Show will occur May 4-6 and will feature fireworks, food and beverage vendors and free parking and admission.


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