Blount Island Command Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, FL

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Blount Island Command is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Blount Island Command is a logistical base controlled by the United States Marine Corps.  BICmd (Blount Island Command) oversees the United States Marine Corps' Maritime Prepositioning Ships (MPS) and Maintenance Cycle operations. Additionally, the base oversees the Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway (MCPP-N). BICmd aids the Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

Blount Island Command helps the Marine Air-Ground Task Force by providing technical assistance to commanders in areas such as deployment, arrival and assembly, and reconstitution of pre-positioned assets. Blount Island Command is unique in that the location of the island allows for naval support that is not readily available to other sites.

Quick Facts
Coordinates30° 24' 22.09" N 81° 31' 15.14" W
CityJacksonville, FL 32226
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The site, Blount Island, was built in 1942. The base was first used for Maritime Prepositioning Ships in the 1970s. The original program was established in 1979 and it was called Near Term Positioning Force (NTFP). NTFP’s goal was to improve the prepositioned equipment of the Marine Corps and aid combat readiness.

In 1986 the Marine Corps founded the Biennial Maintenance Command (BMC) in Jacksonville, Florida. By 1989 the Blount Island command was established. Blount Island serves as a subordinate command to the  Marine Corps Logistics Bases in Albany, Georgia. The lease for Blount Island ended in 2004. As a result, the Marine Corps had to purchase the island from Gate Maritime Properties (GMP). After a legal dispute, the Marines paid $160 million for the land.

Housing On Blount Island

Blount Island Command has a variety housing options and works with Mayport and Naval Air Station for housing in and around the base.  The base offers temporary housing for servicemen who are visiting the base for a short time. For servicemen who are stationed at Blount Island Command, the base offers more permanent housing. For more information, you can contact the Housing Manager at (904) 270-5663/ 5738. There is also  off-base housing available near Blount Island Command.


Blount Command Island has several services available to servicemen and their families.  The base offers a variety of childcare options including the Naval Station Mayport Child Care and the Naval Air Station Jacksonville Child Care. There is a Family Readiness Center. Additionally, the base works with Naval Air Station in Jacksonville for family services.


The Duval school system serves as the main school district near Blount Island Commands. Duval County Public Schools has a variety of public school ranging from elementary schools to high schools. However, there are also private schools such as the Duval County Charter Schools available as an option for schooling. Jacksonville also has a few higher educational opportunities. Nearby universities include Jacksonville University, the University of North Florida, Edward Waters College and Florida State College in Jacksonville.



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