Fort Hunter Liggett Army Base in Monterey, CA

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2017

Fort Hunter Liggett is located in Monterey County, California. It is 250 miles north of Los Angeles and 150 south of San Francisco. It is the largest installation in the Army Reserve, with more than 165,000 acres of mountains, valleys, rivers, plains, and forests that provide an ideal maneuver area in order to meet today’s rigorous training requirements.

Fort Hunter Liggett’s mission is to maintain and allocate training areas, airspace, facilities and ranges in order to support reserve and active components field maneuvers, live fire exercises, testing, and institutional training. Additionally, the installation provides quality of life and logistical support to training units.

Quick Facts
Coordinates35° 58' 12.00" N 121° 13' 50.34" W
CityMonterey, CA 93928
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Fort Hunter Liggett is named after General Hunter Liggett (1857-1935). General Hunter Liggett commanded the 41st National Guard Division and the then the First Corps of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. Following World War I, General Liggett served as the Chief of Staff for General John Pershing.

In 1940 the War Department purchased over 200,000 acres of land between the Salinas River valley divide and the Pacific Ocean. This was in anticipation of training soldiers for combat on World War II European fronts.

Modern Era

Until the 1990s, the base served primarily as a training facility for the 7th Light Infantry Division and the Training and Experimentation Command (TEC). The mission of TEC was to evaluate new Army and Marine Corps weapon systems by providing simulated opposing forces. In 1997 the TEC at Fort Hunter Liggett was deactivated as a result of the Army’s continuous efforts to reorganize for efficiency as it downsized. This ended a 40 year history of test and experiments for the U.S. Army conducted at Fort Hunter Liggett. Some 183 military and 25 civilians were reassigned or transferred to other jobs.

Fort Hunter Liggett was a sub-installation of Fort Ord until November 1993. In 1993, the installation came under United States Army Reserve Command. Today, the command is officially designated as the U.S. Army garrison Fort Hunter Liggett. Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, located in Dublin, California, is a sub-installation.


For more information on the history of Fort Hunter Liggett, check out the Heritage Center that was established in 2016. The Heritage Center showcases the post military history with information panels, videos, documents, and WWII artifacts. It is open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Fort Hunter Liggett Facts

  • Fort Hunter Liggett was used to film parts of the movie We Were Soldiers
  • Average high in July: 94ºF
  • Average low in January: 33ºF
  • Average rainfall per year: 11 inches

Housing at Ft. Hunter Liggett

FT. Hunter Liggett maintains 85 Army Family Housing units for Military and civilian personnel. The housing office is located on Blackhawk Road in BLDG 229. It is open weekdays from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. For more information, call 831-386-2075.

Housing offers quadplexes and duplexes with 2-4 bedrooms.

Helpful Resources

On-Post Lodging

IHG Army Hotels Gibb Hall BLDG 196 Infantry Road, Jolon, CA 93928 831-386-2511

IHG Hotel complimentary breakfast 0600-0900 daily. Guest rooms and suites feature kitchenettes, flat panel televisions, and high speed internet. Guest laundry is available for guest use 24/7.


The Fort Hunter Liggett Medical Aid Station provides level 1 care to include screening and minor treatment (sick call) to Reserve Component Soldiers who are on orders performing Annual Training requirements of 29 days or less. Annually, they provide care to 5,000-6,500 Soldiers in training.

Emergency Services
  • Police Department: 831-386-2526
  • Fire Department: 831-386-2517
Fort Liggett Digital Training Facility (Learning Center)

BLDG 291, 831-386-2663

DFAC Information

BLDG P-206, 831-386-3944


  • Breakfast: 0600-0730
  • Lunch: 1130-1300
  • Dinner: 1700-1830

Extracurricular Activities

The Fort is surrounded by mountains, nature and wildlife. The peaceful setting offers plenty for outdoor enthusiasts but is also relatively close to popular beaches and vibrant Bay Area cities such as San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Fort Hunter Liggett presents great opportunities. Fort Hunter Liggett encompasses more than 160,000 acres of grasslands, woodlands, and chaparral habitats in the beautiful mountains of California. Hunting, fishing, camping, and kayaking are all popular choices at Fort Hunter Liggett.

Fort Liggett also offers camp ground sites to accommodate all styles. They have great areas for pitching a tent or hooking up RVs and trailers (electricity and water hookups available).

They have a paintball course on site. For reservations, call FT. Hunter Liggett MWR.

MWR Facilities
Hours of Operations: Mon-Fri: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. , Sat-Sun: 7:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Phone: 831-386-2988
BLDG 238


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