Coast Guard Institute in Oklahoma City, OK

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Coast Guard Institute of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is primarily a recruiting office for the United States Coast Guard. Located in the south side of Oklahoma City, it is an ideal location for those living in the area to speak with recruiters and obtain information in person. Upon entrance to the Coast Guard at this facility, much of its daily operations revolve around basic training, though unlike other branches of the Coast Guard, the institute has few maritime locations because of its location in Oklahoma. Many of which are fixated in the few lakes surrounding the area.

The address for this recruiting facility is 7329 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139 and their phone number is (405) 231-4483. To contact the Institute via email, contact [email protected]. Additionally, live chats with Coast Guard are offered online by clicking here. Times and dates of availability differ throughout the week.

Quick Facts
Coordinates35° 23' 04.16" N 97° 38' 34.58" W
CityOklahoma City, OK 73169
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A Brief History

The Coast Guard is one of the oldest Federal organizations aimed to protect the United States from foreign enemies. The Oklahoma City Branch has history dating back to 1919 and boasts a very small staff of active duty and civilian members. Fortunately, those who attend the institute are often able to obtain tuition assistance and grants through the Federal Government.

In 1995, during the Nation’s worst domestic terror attack before September 11th, the explosion at the Murrah Building in downtown Oklahoma left the country in shock and member of the Institute set to work assisting in the recovery act. Many members set up security and safety zones, led searches for survivors and even participated in cooking meals for families waiting for news on their loved ones as well as others who volunteered their time.


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