San Juan National Guard Army Base in Isla Verde, PR

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2018

San Juan Army National Guard is stationed in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico on the grounds of Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport. The base works to help in cases of emergency, intrusion and crime in both the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The site also serves a role in military operations but it primarily provides maintenance and repair of aircraft for the U.S. and nearby allies.

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Coordinates18° 27' 24.01" N 66° 05' 53.99" W
CityIsla Verde, PR 901
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Puerto Rico's defense had its start in the early 1500s with Juan Ponce de León’s founding of the first Puerto Rican militias. Their main function was to fight off island intruders such as pirates, explorers and enemy navies. Since its establishment as a U.S. territory after the Spanish-American war in 1899, the Puerto Rican National Guard (PRNG) has been utilized by the U.S. Army and Air Force in response to national emergencies. PRNG was involved in many conflicts concerning the United States, including World War II, the Korean War and the Cold War.

Because military activity on the island has significantly declined since early 20th century disputes, their National Guard has focused more on internal improvements. In the following years, PRNG has been called upon to extinguish revolts and provide relief from natural disasters. In addition to military duties, PRNG has also assumed responsibilities regarding law enforcement and social work.

PRNG has been crucial in cracking down on drug-related crime; Operation Frontier Shield began in 1997 and worked on reducing drug smuggling through a Counter Drug Program. PRNG also serves various youth programs such as: STARBASE, Youth Conservation Corps and ChalleNGe. These programs have helped improve the the quality of life in struggling neighborhoods. PRNG has also worked to provide health care, education and immunizations to help maintain a healthy civilian population.

Current Activities and Units

More recently, the PRNG's primary role is to contribute in times of National Emergency for the U.S. and patrol at the state level for Puerto Rico. Most members work part-time but are considered integral components of a well-prepared multicultural force. PRNG's aviation support facility in San Juan specializes in support of aircraft maintenance and repair. Specific units stationed at the San Juan Facility include:

  • Puerto Rico State Guard
  • 191st Regional Support Group
  • 101st Troop Command
  • 92nd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

Major military aircraft supported at the facility include the Ult-72 Lakota, the Ult-60 Blackhawk Helicopters and Beechcraft C-R Huron.


Unlike most bases, housing for San Juan National Guard is off-base because most employees work part-time. Call (787) 289-1580 for more information.

Family and Community

There are several family readiness groups that aim to acclimate newcomers to the base:

  • Tricare: 1 (877) 451-8659
  • Military One Source: (800) 342-9647

Base services (787-289-1580) include:

  • Puerto Rico National Guard Language Center
  • Champlain’s Office
  • Distance Learning
  • Personnel Office
  • Inspector General Office
  • Fideicomis Institucional de la Guardia Nacional
  • Puerto Rico State Guard


DoD schools are located about 23 miles west of base and include:

Antilles Elementary School (PreK-4) 700 Santiago Street Ft Buchanan, PR 00934 (787) 707-2364, 2366, 2368

Antilles Middle School (5-8) 1081 Chrisman Road Ft Buchanan, PR 00934 (787) 707-2461

Antilles High School (9-12) 1062 Victory Road Ft. Buchanan, PR 00934 (787) 792-5286

John Cunningham High School (9-12) Registrar: (787) 707-2203

Public Access

Contact (787) 289-1580 if you wish to visit or reach San Juan Army National Guard Support Station.


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